2 thoughts on “Speling Mitsakes are teh Funzors

  1. Hello, I’m trying to make some simulations in JAVA.

    can I create a class and Extends a Place, Transitions, Tokens or something like that?

    I would like to use CPNTools to simulate a conversation in a MultiAgent System.

    1. If you’re trying to make a model, it’s easier to use the CPN Tools GUI and just load the model in Java afterwards.

      You can create places and transitions by instantiating Place and Transition classes. It’s easiest to just take a look at the loader in the import plugin. Most are pretty straightforward, but arcs need to be added to a page, and to have a source and destination set to work. Access/CPN can only load models in a single step, i.e., it does not support incremental code generation like the CPN Tools GUI.

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