Name Scheming

I was making some ProM-plugins for demonstration purposes (you should totally attend my talk on logging at the ProM developers’ meeting next Monday). I needed names.  I needed a lot, and I needed them to be easily displayable.  Instead of going with the sensible choice and naming them after Britney songs or variations of Britney’s name, I went with words.

The good thing about words is that there are quite a few of them, also you can make your names appear early in the list of plug-ins.  I therefore present you my plug-ins:

I’m totally claiming these names, and shall in the future release a process mining algorithm named the Aardvark Algorithm and another named the Aardwolf Algorithm.

And I totally see Aasvogel as a mixture of English and German and hence as an ass-bird.

To make this seemingly useless post pretend to be less useless, here are the meanings of the words:

  • Aalii: A tree from Hawaii.
  • Aardvark: An animal that looks like the result of cross-breeding a pig and a rabbit.
  • Aardwolf: A striped hyena from Africa.
  • Aasvogel: A vulture. Hey, ass-bird wasn’t completely off!
  • Aba: A dress made of camel hair and worn by arabs.
  • Abaca: A plant that can be used to make mats that look like a turd.
  • Abaci: A doohickey in columns.
  • Aback: Not at the front.
  • Abacus: Poor man’s calculator on the iPhone.

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