Poll: Name for New Workflow System

I am going to code a new workflow system today.  I need a name.  As I have multiple ideas, there is only one sensible way to solve it: the scientific method, aka. an internet poll.

I therefore leave the solution to you, yes you, have the power to give input to what may very well become the piece of software everybody talks about in a few years.

Feel empowered yet?  Well, there’s more!  I provide three suggestions, but you are free to add more in the comments!  Yes, you can suggest “Dongs” or whatever you find would be a good descriptive name for a workflow system stressing individual freedom and strong support.  It’s like a liberal bra, only more revolutionary!  It’s like a combination of beer and Britney: unbeatable.  I should have my own late night television show selling Jesus or other useless doohickeys.

What should I name my new workflow system?

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