Poll: Name for New Workflow System

Feel empowered yet? Well, there’s more! I provide three suggestions, but you are free to add more in the comments! Yes, you can suggest “Dongs” or whatever you find would be a good descriptive name for a workflow system stressing individual freedom and strong support. It’s like a liberal bra, only more revolutionary! […]

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Automatic Correcting Modeling Assignments

I’m working on a tool for automatically correcting assignments made using CPN Tools. The most important thing when undertaking such a project is of course the background color. The second most important decision is that of a name! Being a scientist, this of course has do be done using the scientific method also known as an internet poll! […]

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Poll: Preferred Society

Here are the income distributions of two societies.  That is, this chart shows how large a percentage of the population (y-axis) in each society earns a certain salary (x-axis).  I’ve have not put numbers on the axes to keep this independent on actual money.  While it may not seem so, the area under both curves […]

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