Quiz Night XL

Last Friday we were quizzing at Quiz Night XL.  It was great fun and I’m looking forward to next year!

I snapped some photos before and during the event.

Handing out flyers during the TU/eXperience Sunday June 3rd:

Around 19.30 Thursday June 7th; around half the tables are put up:

Also, the big-screens are put up but not much else on the stage:

19.30 was also dinner time.  We’ll get back to this table which I chose completely at random:

20.00: Candles on the tables already set up (still only half):

Now, this is cool.  Around 20.25, we’d managed to set up another quarter of the tables.  That’s around 70 tables in 25 minutes.

Still 20.25.  Joost is supervising.  Also, this is the remaining quarter without tables.

Karan is measuring where to put the last tables.  At this point, we were putting up tables faster than their locations could be measured.

Boom.  25 minutes later, at 20.50, most of the remaining tables were put up:

They even got candles as well.  Wendy’s admiring the handiwork:

21:25: Karan’s lighting up the candles:


Remember the table where we had dinner?  Yeah, it’s this one:

Also worth noticing: lots of flyers.  I mean a lot!

21.40:  Edwin’s moving tables upstairs:


Gene’s supervising:

At 23.00, we build pavilions.  They ended up not getting used.

After building the pavilions, beers was had:

The backdrop is being hoisted:

The main area from the upstairs VIP section:

At around 23.20 beer was had and some of us left for the Little One.

Friday I showed up around 12.  First item was to get the prices ready:

Our table:

Pretty good location 🙂 :

At around 16, things are looking pretty good and most of the backstage is getting masked off:

The VIP area:

The VIP area had their ow big-screens:

The VIPs also got bubbly:

At 19 when the doors opened, I got this shot of the prizes.  And Gaby blocking the view of the prices 😉

Here they are again.  Looking better than on the pellet earlier.

Gaby’s trying to order drinks.  Yes, we had to wear that wonderful orange crown when we wanted to order.  She’ll probably kill me for posting this 🙂

The DJ, the two comedians (Greg Shapiro and… somebody else… Mike, maybe?  He could be a Mike.  Let’s call him Mike), and the judges.

Some of the attendees at 22:

Our team, minus 2, plus one.  We ended up as number 25.

As the service was a bit slow, we made sure to order lots every time.  This is near the end of the quiz at 23.30.

Price ceremony just past midnight; the comedians Greg and Mike plus Julinka:

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