Because I’m young and hip, I signed up for  It’s like Twitter, except you have to pay for it.  The idea is that if you pay, you are the customer instead of the product, which (the theory dictates) gets rid of annoying advertising and selling your personal information.

I found another great innovation in as well; compare these two, first Twitter:

and then

See the difference?  Let’s zoom in and highlight important bits:

Yup, that’s true! allows you to post updates of 256 characters instead of the minuscule 140 characters allowed by Twitter.  To put that into context, it is more than 80% more characters, proving is 80% better than Twitter.  It is also 116 characters or enough to write “plop” 19 times including correct punctuation and spacing.  Your toilet updates are gonna be 19 plops better!

I project that soon will be as well-visited as Google+, where nerds can rage among themselves without any real people interfering with their empty lives!  Yay, technology!

PS: You can follow me at  You would be the first.  Yay for you!

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