It’s-a Me Mario (aka Fridge Benefits)

Buying a fridge is a daunting task.  I therefore bring you this guide to overcoming this complicated task.

Step 1: Get a fridge. Got to a shop and buy one:

Not this one, silly.  I mean, look at it: it’s way to small.

Step 2: Visualize.  It is important to visualize how the fridge could look in your home:

Yes, this is just an artist’s ((Really just my Photoshop.)) rendition, but it still helps.

Step 3: Move it to the desired spot.

That’s an easy step, because the Media Markt dudes did it.

Step 4: Do nothing for a while.  Like go get drunk or to work.  The fridge needs to settle for some time before switching it on.  Here’s a picture of me listening to Britney:

Step 5: Do Mario stuff, aka plumbing.

I’m like the Britney of plumbing.  First attempt with no leaks.

Step 6: (One more than NKOTB) Profit; have a nice glass of water or some ice cubes (not the rapper, though, yuck!):

or treat yourself to a cold one from the built-in mini-bar:

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