Jourlaism 4 Dumm!es

So, we all knwo, I are world-clazz journalist <– that’s a linky! click it!!  I recently, like, completed my super journalism 4 dummies.  Dummies are liek the sma… clev… bes… goodest! journalists in, like smoehwo, the worlds!!!

Last time we good so many respon… comments from you yousers, we cannot even count them!!  Thanks for that. That is good for moneytar… click-th… impres… ads!  You sayed you want more information on how 2 be the bestest journalismist, so we decided to gve even moar tips!

In addision to my tips from, you know, 1!!!! years ago, have some new chips on being the bestest journalist:

  1. Say Apple inventioned something.  Rapporting from, like, you knwo, rumor sites like is good journalisting!
  2. Aggrega… Combine… Put together summer… resum… short versions of articles from the internets!!!! to make new artikles.  4example: these, mlike, guys liked this thinamajig. Dis guys 2!!! The nazis didn’t! It must be AWEsome!
  3. Mention new social networks and say they will revolu… paradig… changify the world of social networks!! is kewl! Pinterest is not just for looking at b00bies. MySpace is not just for pedos.

What are you think is needed to be a super-journalists!!!! Write in commments??

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