Demo of Simulator Extensions in CPN Tools 4

In this video, I show examples of the new simulator extensions in CPN Tools 4.

The Hello World example comprises 182 lines of (mostly GUI) code and showcases how an extension can get notifications when changes are made to a model.  Most of the functionality is separated into another extension, the Model Scraper, which maintains a view of the model for use by other extensions.  I plan to also make a State Scraper, scraping the state of the model.  In the end, this should evolve to an external monitoring facility, which can be used to observe the simulation as it goes on.

The Declare example comprises 240 lines of code shows how we can alter the semantics and organically extend CPN Tools.  This is just a quick and dirty but fully functional demonstration.  The final version will be a part of CPN Tools 4 and be much more powerful.

Don’t watch this with headphones – the audio is terrible, but there is only so much you can do with a laptop microphone in a hotel room at 3 in the night…

Everything demonstrated here is expected to get released next week as the beta version 3.5.2 of CPN Tools.  Look here for downloads.

This is part 1 of a 3 part series of demos of the simulator extensions.  Part 2 will show how to make graphics inside CPN Tools and part 3 will show how to really extend CPN Tools with simple tools.  Expect part 2 to go up sometime early next year (I have to actually implement it first).

2 thoughts on “Demo of Simulator Extensions in CPN Tools 4

  1. Dear Michael, the video is unabailable. I am desparate to see the demonstration. Please correct the link.

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