The Sun Goes Down on Consistent User Interface Design for Eclipse

This is Eclipse:

This is every other application on my computer which doesn’t either: 1) not have an update function, 2) comes from the Mac App store and gets automatic updates by the operating system, or 3) automatically updates without bothering me:

Notice how the “Check for updates” is fairly consistently named (except for one missing title case and two missing the ending ellipsis).  Notice how they are all in the same logical place: in the application menu, where you can do stuff to the application.  Notice how nobody put check for updates in the fucking help menu where it makes as much sense as a Christina Aguilera song.

Notice how Eclipse has an application menu, but choses to not really use it.  Except that Preferences at least is correctly placed instead of the illogical placement it gets on Linux (which makes sense  get) and Windows.

Now go back and play with EDLIN and think about what you’ve done!

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