UI Horror: iOS X

Note: this is based on a (fairly late) preview of iOS X; the behavior outlined has changed slightly in one of the earlier betas and might change again before final release.  Hopefully this will change again before the final release, because the current behavior is literally worse than Stalin. Apple has been struggling with widgets for […]

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Hitler of misunderstood security

This is literally the Hitler of user-interface design and misunderstood security! Instead of putting in a standard password field, let’s have our users hunt and peck on a teeny-tiny on-screen keyboard that additionally jumps around and has a broken shift key. That’ll encourage users to select secure passwords – perhaps even a strong password protected […]

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I noted something funny

Because it’s Thursday and I’d rather sit at home instead of going quizzing, I noted something funny. If my ability to read Russian amounts to anything (it doesn’t really), the Internet bank for ВТБ24 (my Russian bank) is designed by Art Lebedev in 2007. Surely doesn’t look like a 2007 design to me. And it’s […]

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The Sun Goes Down on Consistent User Interface Design for Eclipse

This is Eclipse: This is every other application on my computer which doesn’t either: 1) not have an update function, 2) comes from the Mac App store and gets automatic updates by the operating system, or 3) automatically updates without bothering me: Notice how the “Check for updates” is fairly consistently named (except for one […]

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