The Final Countdown

Have some über-important countdowns:

Job Interview

[tminus t=”2013-09-06 14:00:00″ id=”job-event” omitweeks=”true”]My job interview has already started or passed! Here\’s hoping it went well![/tminus]

iPhone 5S Event

[tminus t=”2013-09-10 19:00:00″ id=”iphone-event” omitweeks=”true”]The Apple iPhone event has already started or passed![/tminus]

All Eyes on Me

[tminus t=”2013-09-17 14:30:00″ id=”aeom-event” omitweeks=”true”]The Britney Spears All Eyes on Me event has already started or passed![/tminus]

Random Useless Countdown

[tminus t=”2013-09-23 00:00:00″ id=”random-event” omitweeks=”true”]The random event has already started or passed![/tminus]

I Return Home

[tminus t=”2013-10-02 19:55:00″ id=”home-event” omitweeks=”true”]I have returned! Or, at least I now just have to find my way home from Düsseldorf[/tminus]

Also, finally, here’s what you all hoped for when you saw that headline:

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