…and Sunday Comes Afterwards…

Rebecca Black just released a new single.  I find it positively hilarious and a quite decent song (I’ve had it repeating all day).

If the name Rebecca Black doesn’t ring a bell, maybe these pictures will help (yup, they’re all autographed 🙂 ):


If not, surely you’ve heard her biggest hit ((Yes, she’s released other songs; I’ll link them at the bottom, which will be above this footnote.)), Friday.  Feel free to play the below video for your enjoyment while you read on:

The new single is called Saturday. It’s immensely self-aware and also much better produced that the fairly auto-tune-heavy Friday. When you’re done listening to Friday above, you can click the video  below to listen to the new song:

The main reason for this write-up is the lyrics. As I already mentioned, the lyrics are very self-aware and humorous. The song starts:

2 PM, getting out of my bed

Trying to get Friday out of my head

It’s all so hazy

Got a little too crazy

You know I’d do it all again

For reference, Friday starts:

Seven a.m., waking up in the morning

Gotta be fresh, gotta go downstairs

Gotta have my bowl, gotta have cereal

Aside from the obvious parallel, Saturday also plays on the chorus of Friday, which starts:

It’s Friday, Friday

Gotta get down on Friday

That is, Friday is party, Saturday is getting up late with that “I’ll never drink again”-attitude. But wait, this high-school-essay-level material gets deeper. See, Katy Perry had this hit song called TGIF (video below when you’re done enjoying Saturday, which will probably take a couple replays):

TGIF is also about the hang-overs after a very wet Friday, and the chorus ends:

This Friday night

Do it all again

The last of the first 5 lines of Saturday seems a pretty obvious reference to this. And there’s more! The video for TGIF (which should now be playing above) features none other than Ms Rebecca Black as a participant of the party. Deep, huh?!?

That’s not the only connection between Friday and Saturday. Friday features the rather banal passage (you can only expect so much from Patrice Wilson):

Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday

Today i-is Friday, Friday (Partyin’)

We-we-we so excited

We so excited

We gonna have a ball today

The last verse of Saturday starts with the lines:

Yesterday was Friday, today is Saturday

We’re gonna live like there’s no tomorrow

An obvious connection to make. The title of this post comes from this continuation of the above quote from Friday:

Tomorrow is Saturday

And Sunday comes after … wards

I don’t want this weekend to end

I guess this means, we can expect a song called Sunday, talking about sitting in church with hangovers. Of course, I’d have another kind of respect if an American record label instead published a song Sunday about going partying on a Sunday night, followed by a bi-annual release of the remainder of the week, until at age 26 Becky is singing about drinking all week. Naturally, followed by a song about liver disease at age 30.

Anyway, as promised here are Rebecca Black’s remaining songs until now. I really like My Moment and I find Sing It very energizing. You clearly hear a progression in the quality of both lyrics and singing.

If you got intrigues by Patrice Wilson, the dude responsible for quite a few vanity music videos, including Friday, here’s a couple you should watch. I’d like the record to show that I’ve sit thru all of them, so you can too!

(notice the machine translated sub-titles)


And now, I may just have spent entirely too much time analyzing banal pop, but meh!

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