…and Sunday Comes Afterwards…

Rebecca Black just released a new single.  I find it positively hilarious and a quite decent song (I’ve had it repeating all day). If the name Rebecca Black doesn’t ring a bell, maybe these pictures will help (yup, they’re all autographed 🙂 ): If not, surely you’ve heard her biggest hit ((Yes, she’s released other […]

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How jawsome ((Jawsome is the international abbreviation of jaw-droppingly awesome.  Yes, I made that up.)) is this? Backstreet Boys are following me on Twitter. They follow less than 7500 people and have almost 300000 followers, yet they decide to follow moi, who until this wasn’t even following them. I’m famous by association! So what if […]

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They Never Saw it Coming

So, this is my overview slide for a presentation at the end of the month: A little boring, at little barren… Then, BAM ((They won’t know what hit them…)): gratuitous titstank: Yeah, it’s Friday and I’m presently easily amused… MichaelTime person of the year 2006, Nobel Peace Prize winner 2012. westergaard.eu/ […]

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