Evolution of Philishave

Evolution of Philishave – from left to right:

  1. shears dull and springs lose, otherwise mostly works,
  2. works as well as ever due to lack of use (as well as ever means it still makes sound but as always
  3. doesn’t actually shave due to being a crappy design with “technology”),
  4. broke the protective cover and makes a loud sound – also consumes shaving lotion which judging from the price is made from the tip of unicorn horns and socialists’ self-earned money,
  5. totally meant it when it said not to be used in the shower,
  6. smart charging means can no longer be charged,
  7. smart charging means can only stay on for up to one second,
  8. just bought today, not yet broken.

I have a feeling I left out one or two, but can’t be bothered to look for them…


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