Confederate Flags

Am I the only one who thinks that both sides in the whole confederate flag debacle ((Some idiot kid shot up a bunch of black people in a church.  Then some equally big idiots decided it was really because of a flag.)) are drooling idiots?

So, you’re outraged that the flag is being removed? How about you’re only allowed to claim it is about national pride if you either a) fought in the civil war or b) yourself feel it is a matter of national pride AND has at least one black friend.

You think the confederate flag is causing racism and shootings? You’re wronger than Wrong Wrongiston from Wrongcheshire. Flags are not racist and by forbidding a symbol you make martyrs, secret symbols and rituals. Forbidding the swastika did not rid Germany of neo-nazis, but instead introduced dumb symbols like 18, 88, and Lonsdale shirts ((1st letter in the alphabet = A, 8th = H; 18 = AH = Adolf Hitler, 88 = HH = Heil Hitler; if you wear a Lonsdale shirt with another shirt over it, only the nsda is vidible and Hitler’s party was NSDAP.)).

Congrats well-meaning idiots: you managed to move the discussion from actual racism to a dumb flag. Stop trying to fight the symptoms and go for the cause. Stop introducing baby language like PoC or African-American.

My thesis is that only a very small percentage of the “racists” actually hate foreigners. More likely, people have a time making ends meet in their own lives. Maybe a Mexican illegally in the country got the job Billy Ray was hoping for? Maybe Bobby Joe’s eighty-seventeen years old mother got robbed by a decidedly non-white gentleman? Maybe Cletus Duke’s social benefits got cut and he saw 3 elderly Asian women in the line?

Because there are problems! There is illegal immigration. There is an over-representation of colored people in crime and unemployment statistics. Maybe the colored people are just the symbol of all the things wrong in those people’s lives. Sure, getting rid of illegal immigration og colored people in general is not solving any of the problems, but explaining zero-sum games and causality to these people is about as useful as an elevator in a rowing boat.

Maybe the black people to a racist are exactly like the confederate flags to all the yuppies standing in line to rid the world of them: the symbol of an underlying malaise.

Treat the disease instead of the symbols. Sure, it may not be as easy, but it’s a hell of a lot more likely to permanently solve your problem. Curing a broken leg by bathing your hands in rose-scented water only “works” for anti-vaxxers.

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