New keyword-based election system

So, in a few weeks we have local elections, and I just got the card that allows me to vote. Local and EU elections are the only ones I am allowed to vote in because Denmark has horribly undemocratic voting regulations. I briefly considered who to vote for but I don’t really know any of […]

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The Real Trolley Problem for Self-driving Cars

On March 18, 2018, Uber murdered a women with one of their (apparently not) criminally dangerous “self-driving” cars. The reason was that she was crossing the road outside a pedestrian’s crossing, so the car did not recognise her as a pedestrian (it didn’t expect people outside of walkways). Instead, it fluctuated between recognising her as […]

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The Cowardly Convenience of Being Contrarian

Theresa May is a goddamn hero!  She stood up for an impossible task: after David Cameron gambled and lost on a vote to leave the EU, none of the winners, Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage, that mole-looking weasel-guy whose name I forgot or anybody else dared picking up; the person picking up would go in the […]

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Schrödinger’s Immigrant and Crushing Fascism

Here’s a juicy one in a totally non-controversial field: immigration.  Today at work, the topic of Schrödinger’s immigrant came up, as it does.  Schrödinger’s immigrant is the idea that immigrants simultaneously “take all our jobs” and “are unemployed and exploit the social system.” This paradox is of course named after Schrödinger’s cat, which is locked in […]

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Is Economy Modern-Day Astrology?

An acquaintance posted something socialist with a comment comparing economics to astrology the other day.  The comparison intrigued me, not because I agreed nor because I found it ridiculously outrageous, but because it wonderfully illustrates the problem people on either side of the political spectrum (not to be confused with the autism spectrum, though the […]

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