I Handled that Maturely

A bunch of time ago, I ordered a Withings scale which can connect to the internet.  I’ve been largely happy with it, and when they released a new one a couple months ago, I had half a mind to get one, but it was conveniently never included in their (rather frequent) promotions, and even I thought that €180 for a scale was a bit on the pricey side.

Until now; I got a 20% off coupon and decided to seal the deal.  Except their fucking store didn’t work.  Being a mature adult, I sent a respectful and to-the-point mail to their customer service:


7 thoughts on “I Handled that Maturely

  1. Their web-site says it measures pulse wave velocity, which sounds very sciency and good. It also seems like it’s got rechargeable batteries built-in, so I don’t have to bother changing batteries every half a year or so, which is worth the price on its own.

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