If I Were More Mature I’d be Methuselah

Hats off for Withings – their customer support excellent – less than an hour after I sent a mail to their support, I got a response from Victor, who shall remain anonymous.  I tried ordering again but with initially little luck. In the end, my order went thru, and I decided to share my experience […]

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I Handled that Maturely

A bunch of time ago, I ordered a Withings scale which can connect to the internet.  I’ve been largely happy with it, and when they released a new one a couple months ago, I had half a mind to get one, but it was conveniently never included in their (rather frequent) promotions, and even I […]

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Internet of Nothings without Friction

A couple weeks ago, I went to NLJUG’s Internet of Things developer day. It’s 15 years ago I was first introduced to IoT, and back then I made fun of it, because who in their right mind would want all their things on the internet? What we need to make IoT a thing is three things. […]

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