If I Were More Mature I’d be Methuselah

Hats off for Withings – their customer support excellent – less than an hour after I sent a mail to their support, I got a response from Victor, who shall remain anonymous.  I tried ordering again but with initially little luck.

In the end, my order went thru, and I decided to share my experience with Withings in the hope that it would raise awareness and perhaps get their web-shop fixed.

Also: holy fuck!  I made an it’s/its mistake in my mail.  They’re is just no excuse for such behavior.

screenshot-2016-09-30-11-58-23 screenshot-2016-09-30-11-58-42 screenshot-2016-09-30-11-58-47 screenshot-2016-09-30-12-04-26

4 thoughts on “If I Were More Mature I’d be Methuselah

  1. You know, I have one of those scales you so desperately want – in black, though – so you can swing by and pick it up and I can order a new one. I also have their blood pressure thingy but haven’t got the patience to spend twenty minutes connecting it via Bluetooth every morning, so you should get take that off my hands as well, you seem to be patient enough…

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