If you notice an uptick in upload of videos from me, that's because I've decided to rehost all the videos I've previously uploaded to YouTube and host them myself.

The reason is that some douchebag posted a video in the Japanese suicide forest, so YouTube decided that everybody but the idiot should suffer.  Concretely, that means my channel has been downgraded.

For me, that means my channel is no longer a YouTube partner.  Google is, of course, free to do what they want with their service, but at the same time, I am free to decide not to support that anymore.

My videos will slowly disappear from YouTube and at the same time appear here on my own site, where I can do what I want.

Videos will appear interleaved with my existing content at the point in time I originally uploaded them.  I'll make some nice way of navigating them Real Soon Now™, but until then, you can go to my new fancy video category page where all my uploads will appear.

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