If you notice an uptick in upload of videos from me, that's because I've decided to rehost all the videos I've previously uploaded to YouTube and host them myself. The reason is that some douchebag posted a video in the Japanese suicide forest, so YouTube decided that everybody but the idiot should suffer.  Concretely, that […]

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An Answer to the Backup Question?

I’ve been posting a lot about backup.  Well, not a lot a lot, but pretty much every year or so the past half decade or so, I have solicited the wisdom of the internet brain trust as I was searching for a backup solution. My backup needs are a bit atypical; they are not unique, […]

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Migration complete

Migration complete. Anybody need a Dell server for tasks heavier on CPU than I/O or memory (32 GB RAM, 1 TB hardware RAID1 (support for 0/5 in hardware) and a 4 core Xeon (8 HT) CPU, 3*1 Gbps Ethernet). Been running ESXi for 2.5 years. Can probably also do Linux or Windows. Can work as […]

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WordPress Comments

Anybody knows a plug-in for adding more comment moderation statuses to @WordPress? I’m using PressPermit for doing it for Posts/Pages, and that works great (I too am surprised only two have been put in the Drunk Posting status). I don’t want to replace the standard comment system, just ever so slightly extend it. […]

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How I spent my evening

How I spent my evening: moving 75% of my server out into virtual machines, set up a virtual machine for uni, start pulling out the remaining 25% of my server, reconfigure the IP layout, and upgrade a couple virtual machines. For somebody who got rid of a computer last week, I sure am setting up […]

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