An Answer to the Backup Question?

I’ve been posting a lot about backup.  Well, not a lot a lot, but pretty much every year or so the past half decade or so, I have solicited the wisdom of the internet brain trust as I was searching for a backup solution. My backup needs are a bit atypical; they are not unique, […]

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WordPress Comments

Anybody knows a plug-in for adding more comment moderation statuses to @WordPress? I’m using PressPermit for doing it for Posts/Pages, and that works great (I too am surprised only two have been put in the Drunk Posting status). I don’t want to replace the standard comment system, just ever so slightly extend it. […]

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How I spent my evening

How I spent my evening: moving 75% of my server out into virtual machines, set up a virtual machine for uni, start pulling out the remaining 25% of my server, reconfigure the IP layout, and upgrade a couple virtual machines. For somebody who got rid of a computer last week, I sure am setting up […]

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