Strongly Connected Components in Declarative Models

Yesterday, I wrote about the colored automaton implementation in Declare including mentioning that it is now possible to export such automata directly from within the Designer. Today, I’ve optimized the output, so it now is possible to reduce the printout by exploiting strongly connected components.  The first change is that strongly connected components are grouped together […]

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Colored Automata in Declare

I just finished the implementation of colored automata in Declare.  The formal foundation is described in [bibtex order=asc file=conferences.bib key=colored-automata] The idea is that normally we construct an automaton accepting only all valid executions.  Assume we look at the model: The model says that “if you are bored, you should go to a concert” (the […]

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Slides from AIS Group Meeting

Note: If you get a security error, it is not from my site but from SlideShare – I have contacted their support to fix the problem. This morning I gave a presentation of what I’ve been doing lately.  It is basically an extended version of my (planned) 5 minute presentation for the BEST workshop. These […]

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