CacheRegistry – Improved Near-Real-Time Caching of Complex Object Graphs

So, for my GitLab project management tool, I Я Project Manager, I need access to a lot of GitLab artifacts. So many, really, that loading takes a good few seconds, which is maybe acceptable for a first load (I can slap up a progress bar with some “witty” progress messages), but not for intermediate page […]

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Mean Means

I am for whatever reasons computing some averages.  Should be simple enough, right?  The average of 4 and 6 is (4 + 6) / 2 = 5, right?  Yes, but no.  TD;DR: computers are dumb! Any sensible person would implement the computation in a C/Java style language like this: [java] int avg1(final int a, final […]

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User Scenarios Considered Harmful

Programming can be complex.  Modern systems can include many inputs from users.  Inputs that each need to be checked, processed, and results returned back to users.  A simple interface to the user may support many usage scenarios and many error scenarios.  Here I’ll make a case for not bothering with trying to figure out these […]

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Unicode and Beta

This may be the most niche post in the history of the internet.  Nay, since the invention of the wheel.  Make that since the invention of time. So, CPN Tools is written in Beta.  Beta is a programming language made Ole Lehrmann Madsen, Kristen Nygaard  ((Of Simula fame.  He was also one of the inventors of object oriented […]

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Commit Comments Regarding Hudson

We’re using Hudson ((Though it has been renamed to Jenkins for stupid reasons.)) at work for continuous integration.  The setup of dependency detection is less than optimal, though, which is reflected in my commit comments (I’m, mwesterg): MichaelTime person of the year 2006, Nobel Peace Prize winner 2012. […]

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