What’s the Chance of a One-In-A-Hundred-Years-Event?

Last year a bunch of supposedly famous people kicked the bucket.  People were talking about how the world was falling apart (probably in an attempt to block out that they have reached the age where their childhood/teenage idols are in the ready-for-replacement age). Ignoring the one attempt at quantifying this concluded that was largely bollocks, […]

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Is Economy Modern-Day Astrology?

An acquaintance posted something socialist with a comment comparing economics to astrology the other day.  The comparison intrigued me, not because I agreed nor because I found it ridiculously outrageous, but because it wonderfully illustrates the problem people on either side of the political spectrum (not to be confused with the autism spectrum, though the […]

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Non-alternative Facts

Unsurprisingly, it turns out that the Trump leadership is just as hilarious as I predicted.  The past few weeks, people have been amused by the notion of “alternative facts,” and how that is obviously hogwash and propaganda.  It’s so easy to recognize alternative facts.  How about non-alternative facts?  Actual facts? My thesis is that it […]

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Tertium Datur

In logic, there’s a law called tertium non datur. The English name of the law is “the law of the excluded middle” The law states that any statement is either true or false.

If we combine this with the logical fallacy false dichotomy, and the notion of substitution, many arguments actually rely on tertium non datur. […]

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