In All Fairness…

[bibshow sort=author order=asc file=conferences.bib,workshops.bib,other.bib]Yesterday Boudewijn and I were talking about an interesting issue in CPN Tools.  The problem was that using performance analysis yielded different results on two different CPN models.  To understand why that is, let us discuss fairness in simulation of CPN models. Fairness in simulation of CPN models is a difficult beast. […]

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Open-sourcing CPN Tools

At work, we’re in the process of open-sourcing CPN Tools.  While many open-source fanatics will tell you it’s just about releasing the source, anybody who has actually tried doing so, knows it’s not that easy.  Normally, you need to sanitize the code (make sure it contains no secrets/too embarrassing stuff), write some documentation on how […]

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CPN Simulation in ProM

A little something I've been working with the last week or so: integrating CPN simulation into ProM using Access/CPN. I've extended Access/CPN a bit to accommodate arbitrary hierarchical models as well as timed models.  I've also added some very tight integration with CPN Tools, allowing ProM to show the state of models in the CPN […]

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