CPN Simulation in ProM

A little something I've been working with the last week or so: integrating CPN simulation into ProM using Access/CPN.

I've extended Access/CPN a bit to accommodate arbitrary hierarchical models as well as timed models.  I've also added some very tight integration with CPN Tools, allowing ProM to show the state of models in the CPN Tools GUI.

Now onto the next project…  It is going to use the feature I show off at the end of the video and rely heavily on plug-ins for ProM to make something quite fantastic in my opinion.

8 thoughts on “CPN Simulation in ProM

  1. Hi Michael,

    Nice demonstration! You mentioned something about this last week but now I really understand what you were talking about!
    Its good to see two worlds come together and interact nicely. This really makes simulation in CPN-Tools and then doing some analysis in ProM much easier!!!

    Great work, see you tomorrow 😉


      1. Not really, no. There has been several attempts at doing this: the simulator does generate coe for simulating models, a couple of my master students did a bit of work on generating Erlang code from CPN models, Lars Kristensen and I did a bit of work on defining a class (PP-CPNs) for which we could generate some code, and I wrote a PoC (included but not enabled in default CPN Tools distribution) which can recognize a bigger class of PP-CPNs and generate Java code for them, but this was never completed. I also know Ekkart Kindler has one a lot of work on going from model to implementation, but last I checked that was also not practically applicable.

  2. Hey Michael

    I have a problem,
    Here you load a cpn model, what i wanna do is before arriving at this stage , is to import an event log , construct a petrinet using PROM6 and then export it as a cpm model to perform simulations on cpn tools how do I do that knowing that I can’t find the export as cpnmodel in PROM6

    Thank youu

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