An Answer to the Backup Question?

I’ve been posting a lot about backup.  Well, not a lot a lot, but pretty much every year or so the past half decade or so, I have solicited the wisdom of the internet brain trust as I was searching for a backup solution. My backup needs are a bit atypical; they are not unique, […]

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Migration complete

Migration complete. Anybody need a Dell server for tasks heavier on CPU than I/O or memory (32 GB RAM, 1 TB hardware RAID1 (support for 0/5 in hardware) and a 4 core Xeon (8 HT) CPU, 3*1 Gbps Ethernet). Been running ESXi for 2.5 years. Can probably also do Linux or Windows. Can work as […]

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VMWare Mobile

I may be easily impressed, but I find it ridiculously cool I am able to shutdown, change the amount of memory and CPUs, and reboot 5 servers using nothing but my phone, while my computer is restarting, using VMWare’s mobile app. I sound like a fricking ad, but I still remember a time when memory […]

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The ESXi installer is not just ugly…

The ESXi installer was not just beat with the ugly-stick as a kid. It was born in the ugly-tree and hit every single branch as it fell down. Then, a rude Frenchman threw acid in its face and a joker put big, ugly hipster glasses on it. […]

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