Thanks Windows

Against better judgement, I decided to try installing Windows 7 SP1 yesterday.  This morning I was greeted by this: I can already feel today is gonna be uphill all the way…  One more week till brincess is home and I won’t have to put up with this crap anymore! MichaelTime person of the year 2006, […]

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The Joy of Windows

It seems that everytime I boot into Windows, I spend most of my time staring at the below screen: In fact I have a suspicion, I spend more time updating Windows, anti virus, and other crap to get less malware that I do actually being productive in Windows.  Unfortunately, I need to check an application […]

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Parallels Desktop

I can highly recommend the newest version of Parallels Desktop for running Windows applications under OS X.  I already posted, showing how the new Crystal mode makes the integration near-perfect. Disclaimer: I’m not associated with Parallels (or whatever their company is called), just a happy customer. I thought, I’d follow up on that.  Today, I’ve […]

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Legacy Code

I’m currently working on making CPN Tools, a tool for editing and simulating coloured Petri nets (CP-nets or CPNs), work on Windows 7 64-bit versions.
Problem the first: Nobody has compiled CPN Tools in 2-3 years. In order to compile, we need a specially patched version of the Beta compiler and the linker from Microsoft Visual Studio 6.
Problem the fourth: The crap didn’t run. I even tested the file before making the build image. All I got was a “Beta Execution Aborted, Reference is NONE” (basically a null-pointer error or segmentation fault). […]

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