On a Scale from 1 to Stupid…

Some times you read the news and it’s just instant facepalm.  I felt like this reading this article.  Basically a bunch of iraqi were denied stay in Denmark because they were not persecuted in Iraq.  They occupied a church, because that’s what you do in Denmark if you do not want to obey the law, were sent home and now a couple have been arrested by iraqi police.

The article is about the fact that iraqi police demands $750 a pop to release three people.  A group called the Mentally Disabled Idiots (actually they are called Church Asylum, but that does not make any sense, as there is no such thing, so my name is better) have been demolishing private property to “protect the iraqi” or some such stupid argument. (By the way, here is a list of people, you should never support in any way.)

Anyway, this group has now wired the money to the families of the three, and their spokesperson says

No, we don’t think it’s naive to wire the money. We’ve been told it went through, and we’d never that much money if we thought, people pocketed the money themselves.


We hope this will make them release the three iraqi and we expect it to happen tomorrow. We understand, the money is used to pay fines for inconveniencing the iraqi state. If they are not released, we’ll have to figure out what to do.  It’s absurd, we have to pay the money because the danish state is not responsible.

Okay, give me a B, give me an L, give me the rest of the letters in blackmail.  I mean, how stupid is it legal to be?  Of course the police officers see an easy opportunity to make some easy money.  I congratulate whoever donated to the group – you are officially stupider than the turd I gave birth to this morning.  I also congratulate you on giving in to blackmail – that’ll definitely deter them in the future

See, the three are iraqi citizens. Claiming a fine for that is most likely illegal – but what I do I know, I only really know danish law.  In any case, it os not the responsibility of the danish state to pay fines for foreigners.  As a matter of fact, and as show of good will, each person was given $400 prior to departure.

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