On State-sponsored Art

In this post I am in no way trying to define art – whenever I write art, you’re welcome to read almost anything you want, be it music, paintings, crap in a can, soccer matches, movies or something completely else. It’s no secret, I’m not for a large state supplying everything and demanding huge taxes […]

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What the Fucking Fuck?

Apparently Facebook hates me, and doesn’t want me to join groups.  Maybe it’s just saying, I should clean up in the dozens of stupid groups, I’ve never bothered to clean up.  In any case, this error message is just plain stupid: MichaelTime person of the year 2006, Nobel Peace Prize winner 2012. westergaard.eu/ […]

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While shopping for the Friday bar, we stumbled upon this abonimation. The text reads “Principe! Chosen with care. Root crop chips Mix. Parsnips, beetroots, and potatoes.” The abomination is produced in southern Sweden.

Let me tell you a small story that hopefully can give you and idea of how truly despicable the taste of the beetroot chips is. Imagine you go to the doctor because you feel nauseous. You think it’s just a cold, but to be really sure you don’t have the Mexican Pest (aka. the pig flu), you decide to get checked up. When the doctor comes to tell you the result of your test, you jokingly ask if you have the Mexican Flu… […]

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Wait, huh…?

This morning, we could read in the papers that Helle Thorning, the threat to decency and second in command of the red faction in Denmark (next only to foreman Villy), was happy that the red-green chamber of horrors had won the election in Norway.  This evening, we can then read that they didn’t.  Actually the […]

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On a Scale from 1 to Stupid…

Some times you read the news and it’s just instant facepalm. I felt like this reading this article.

The article is about the fact that iraqi police demands $750 a pop to release three people. A group called the Mentally Disabled Idiots (actually they are called Church Asylum, but that does not make any sense, as there is no such thing, so my name is better).

Okay, give me a B, give me an L, give me the rest of the letters in blackmail…

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