The Fairy-tale of the Incompetency of Dan-Ejendomme as

You’d think that more than half a year after moving out of a place, you’d stop getting (dead-wood) mail from your previous landlord, right? Well, Dan-Ejendomme as still contacts me…

Subsequently, I would like to draw attention to the fact that the time allowed for payment is December 9, 2010 and that your reminder is dated December 7, 2010. Assuming time solely flows forward, this fact has non-negligible causality problems. […]

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WTF is wrong with NRGi (my electricity provider).  Did they just get a truckload of electronical transactions with a best before data in a week?  Why, og why, would anybody even consider making a DKK 0,00 transaction?  Who approved the system that thinks this is a good idea? The positive and negative transactions sort of […]

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What the Fucking Fuck?

Apparently Facebook hates me, and doesn’t want me to join groups.  Maybe it’s just saying, I should clean up in the dozens of stupid groups, I’ve never bothered to clean up.  In any case, this error message is just plain stupid: MichaelTime person of the year 2006, Nobel Peace Prize winner 2012. […]

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I Vote Against!

Nobody wants to hear more about it!  It’s polluting the news worse than any soviet mid-70s coal power plant could ever pollute the air.  I’m, of course talking about the climate conference (yeah, not gonna dignify them by a link) thats causing criminality to go unpunished in the civilized parts of Denmark thanks to all […]

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Damn Socialism!

Today I got my heating bill for the last year.  It always infuriates me.  People, who know me, know I usually wear shorts, and I don’t mind if it’s chilly.  For the sake of my computers, which don’t particularly like it too cold, I leave a bit of heat on, but I have had readings […]

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