Black Spring

Last Saturday in May, initiated by Henrik, we went on a walk along the beach with a lot of black beer. Appropriately enough, we called the event Black Spring.  It was an excellent trip, and I got a bunch of pictures.  Also, this was the last time I saw a bunch of people before moving to Holland.

Near the start of the hike we found a bridge and had to get out on it.
Standing and enjoying a beer – is that a LFP I spot to the right? Why yes, I think it is!
Another bridge, more standing, more LFP. Those will be recurring themes.
Lunch. Also a Harboe Porter and other black beers.
Idiots on a swing
The signpost has been altered to read Krhus. It makes sense.

To see what the Krhus deal is all about, check out this Facebook group, started by me and joined by several of the participants. You should totally join the group.

Bridge, standing, LFP. Also a couple guys bathing.
Bathing (also a bridge and black beer).
Bridge, standing, and bathing. Curiously no obvious LFP, but there's bound to be one somewhere.
Standing and LFP. Notice Simon is among the standing.
Simon got tired and decided to rest for a while.
Simon got tired and decided to rest for a while. Again. Notice this is another place than above, also instead of nice grass, he found a painful shrubbery this time.
Pouring some beer
Resting. A bunch black beer and a sole LFP.
Celia's doing as the text says but will not part from her LFP.
Dinner after the walk. The picture's not blurred – everything really looked like that ;-).
Enjoying a Mikkeller Big Worst Barley Wine at Fairbar after dinner. It is 82.4% alcohol free.
Henrik's trying to shoot somebody with his hand gun! This is at 1 in the night and the last picture, but the night did not stop then…

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