Rostock By Night. And Day. Also, Hamburg.

In Hamburg, they have a church named the Petri church:

When we there, they’d put a bunch of crap/crab on the back:

Rostock also has a Petri church, which is the tallest building. When you get to the back, the city abruptly just stops:

In Rostock, we went to the Petri keller for dinner. It’s an medievaly place, so everything was grayscale, and here’s the remains of the mountain of meat we had:

We had meed from clay mugs, which you cannot really see on this picture:

At the second course dinner night, we had some food and, more importantly, an Underberg:

Naturally, we did not use the glass. Jan also took a photo of the Underberg:

Yesterday, we went to Warnermünde. We went to the beach, which was a bit cold, dark and windy:

Also, a seagull ate a little girl (or her food), but I did not get a picture of that.

Mas tried eating a mussel (or just posing for a picture). He didn’t particularly like the taste:

AFter the beach, we put our shoes back on. For some unexplained reason, I snapped a picture of this magnificent event:

We saw a Kartoffelstube, which is a concept, I cannot even imagine what entails:

We saw some houses which, it should be noted, are not an ATM:

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