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Painting — Day 2

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Today, I started leveling all the fillings of holes from yesterday.  Then I finished the blue wall in what I like to call the purple room (no purple yet):

I then did the blue walls in what I like to call the blue room.  Little known fact: Blauwe zaal at TU/e is named after this room1):

Time for a break!

I then prepared the living room for getting painted.  I whole-heartedly recommend using Børsen (more or less the Danish version of Wall Street Journal) for this — it covers like any other dead-wood paper and you have interesting reading while working.  On-line newspapers are not a valid substitute!

Running out of papers, I started preparing the attic (not easy to see, but I’ve put tape around the windows and other things that shouldn’t be painted pink):

Stop– Beer time!

  1. All conformists subscribing to a linear uni-directional concept of time can go kill themselves. []
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