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I’ve already earlier whined about SlickerBox, the look-and-feel (L&F) toolkit used in ProM.  Not how it looks, as that’s pretty neat, but that it is not a real L&F using Java’s pluggable L&F (PLAF) architecture, so as soon as you go beyond what is built-in, you bang your head against a wall consisting of troublesome customization and hard-coded color values.

As I don’t have time (nor the inclination to be frank) to rewrite SlickerBox using PLAF, I did the next best thing: cleaned up and released all my widgets for common use.  Initially, I did this to be able to use the Widgets in all my plug-ins and didn’t feel that copying them around would be an optimal solution.  I’ve also received feedback that I’m not the only one with this problem, so I hereby urge everybody to use this toolkit and contribute it, so in time we’ll have a toolbox of widgets for ProM, which makes it easier to make spiffy as well as consistent user-interfaces.

Currently, the toolkit consists of replacements for JTextField, JTextArea, JList, JTable, a new panel for showing properties in a neat way, and a couple of helpers.  The components have an API similar to the corresponding Swing components, but it is not complete; it only supports what I’ve come to need!  Feel free to extend widgets with needed APIs and add new widgets.  Note that especially event-handling is treacherous at this moment; most widgets seem to provide event handling as you’d expect, but doesn’t.  This is because they are typically really some sub-class of JPanel, so event handlers will be installed on the wrong components.

I expect the package to evolve very quickly this week.  Get the package at  There’s also a release at (currently version 6.1.1, but that may change later today).

In addition to the current set of widgets, I’ll add the inspector (described here) and some visualizations using it. If I find anything else while refactoring my code, I’ll add that as well.

Let me give a quick run-down of the widgets available no, mention the helpers, and show examples of the widgets in use:

Input a single line of text

Input or show larger blocks of text

Display a scrollable list of things. Allows selection.

Show tabular data.

A panel with a header.

A panel which makes it easy to input multiple parameters; perfect for configuration dialogs. When a mouse hovers over a property, its group is highlighted. These panels use widgets from this package or created using com.fluxicon.slickerbox.factory.SlickerFactory (the checkboxes and radio buttons).

Source here.

Source here.

A header styled to match ProM and always aligned to the left. Used for ProMHeaderPanel.
A JPanel with a border. Similar to com.fluxicon.slickerbox.components.RoundedPanel except only a border is painted rather than also the background of the component. Used for ProMTextField to make the light border around it.
Various symbolic names for colors used in Widgets.
Various images useful for setting up tabbed panels. Borrowed from the Log plug-in.

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    1. Oops… My bad, the documentation is within the tar ball itself []

      Your post on slicker widgets is really very helpful for beginners like me.


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