Painting — Day N-1

Approaching the end.  I took the evening off yesterday, so today had to count.  Luckily Christian was so kind as to help me today (thanks, Christian!).

I started the morning by finishing the living room — not really a lot to do, but last time, I ran out of white:

Unsatisfied with the purple paint, I bought, I decided to put my, by now, amazing painter-skills to the test, and blended some paint myself.  Strangely enough, paint doesn’t seem to adhere to neither the additive nor the subtractive color mixing model, so I had to just wing it:

I kind of want walls looking like that… Christian then helped with the corners:

This was followed by making ready to paint the attic.  We then finished the purple room:

Now, even Troels should be able to see why I keep referring to it as the purple room.  The purple wall in the blue room was finished:

It sort of looks like the purple room from this angle, but it really is bluer than purple.

Finally, we did Dirk’s room (the attic).  It’s very precious, but I don’t think it’s prettier than my colors:


Edit: I might as well add the last picture I doctored; I didn’t post it earlier as it completely gives away that this is photoshopped:

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