Happy 30th!

Just one more weight related update with pictures, I promise.  And lying.  At 72 kg I’m now exactly 30 kg lighter than at my biggest, the day Britney was so lucky to have a meet & greet with me.


<insert lame joke insinuating the 30 kg lost were in fact Brit-Brit>

Some more numbers, because who doesn’t like numbers: On the right (not to the furthest right; that would be Ms Spears) I’m wearing a size XL shirt and shorts in an unknown size, but estimates point towards in excess of 40. On the left, I’m wearing a t-short size S and pants size 30.  Here’s a side-by-side comparison – and yes, in the month since that post I’ve shrunk the 3 kg and am now wearing that outfit in public.

That also means that in addition to stowing all my XL shirts and 36+ size pants, I’ve now also rid myself of my nearly comically-large pants in size 34 and t-shirts in size L.  To think that just over 2 months ago, I thought wearing size M was impossible, and now they feel a bit baggy…

My only regrets are that my timing is off by one day or 300 grams – last time I timed the 25 kg mark to the 3 years anniversary of meeting up with Brit, and it would have amused me if the 30 kg mark would have hit on her birthday yesterday – though, not even in Niue time did I make it and yesterday the scale ended 300 g too high at 72.3 kg.  Also, I should have dropped another 3 kg to coincide with her age.


But enough about me – how have you been?

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