NFTs are F̵u̵n̵g̵u̵s̵ Fungible

NFTs are the new hotness in crypto. Or rather, it was the new hotness half a year ago, but my blog is not a news site, so I don’t have to bring breaking news. And really, NFTs were the hotness in 2017, but most bitcoiners don’t remember that and were running different scams back then […]

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Spring Webflux and Native for Microservices – Ready for Primetime?

The short answer is no, not yet. For the longer answer read on, including to see when the two actually are ready for primetime. Spring Webflux is a project attempting to fuse Spring MVC and reactive programming. Reactive programming replaces native threads with lightweight threads and cooperative multi-tasking. It is basically like upgrading from Windows […]

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Is Blockchain Ready for the Enterprise?

If you know me or Betteridge’s Law, you can probably predict the answer, but there are still interesting points to be made. The most important being: it likely never will be. Before we start, let me just rule out some perceived “applications” that will not be treated here. When I’m talking about “blockchain in the […]

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Michael’s Magical Bucket Analogy

Or “why we cannot just open small stores even if they spread Covid less than supermarkets.” A lot of people are confused as to why we cannot just open small businesses when we can have large super markets open. Surely, small stores/services could be just as clean and impose just as good distancing? Consider we […]

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Covid Vaccine Mortality

One of the headlines in Dutch papers today is that 15 people have died after receiving the Covid vaccine. That sounds bad, but is it? According to the RIVM, a total of 571361 vaccinations have been given (with a certain 414858). Since the Dutch government has decided to ignore the recommendation to give people the […]

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Why are Keyboards so Difficult?

So, I have a laptop with an Apple butterfly keyboard (gen 2, IIRC). Aside from the lack of travel, some shit virtual reality escape button it’s ok. Except it’s now shedding keys, making it useless for exotic applications such as typing on it. I could get it repaired, but aside from a few keys, it’s […]

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