Britney Spears Concert in Herning

As you may know, Britney gave a concert in Herning early last week.  Before I continue on to the concert tonight in Rotterdam, I felt I had to put my pictures online. I also have pictures of my meet & greet with Britney, my backstage tour (though only a few), and a video of the […]

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Britney’s Finale in Herning

Britney's finales are always spectacular, the one on the Femme Fatale tour is no exception.  Fireworks and confetti, as prescribed, Britney's two most popular dance hits, and a wild crowd! It was simply awesome and a great ending to a great concert and day. (Please don't sue me.) MichaelTime person of the year 2006, Nobel […]

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Backstage Before Britney in Herning

The backstage tour before Britney’s concert in Herning was pretty awesome.  Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take pictures during the tour. I arrived fairly early (4 pm, warm up at 730 pm, and concert start at 9 pm) and there were only a few other dedicated fans. Britney’s music was, of course, playing from […]

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