UI Horror: iOS X

Note: this is based on a (fairly late) preview of iOS X; the behavior outlined has changed slightly in one of the earlier betas and might change again before final release.  Hopefully this will change again before the final release, because the current behavior is literally worse than Stalin. Apple has been struggling with widgets for […]

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Always-on Siri

I’m sure everybody agrees that the most important feature of the iPhone 6S is the pretty new rose gold color. After using it for half a day, the number 2 and 3 features are the new super-fast fingerprint reader and the always-on Siri. Force touch was gimmicky and rarely useful on the Watch and remains […]

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How to Make the iPhone not Suck for Cyclists

So, I bike to work almost every day.  That’s roughly 38 km in each direction, or if you’re into American moon units roughly 24 miles.  My job offers me a car, I can carpool or use public transport, but choose to bike because I like the exercise and time to reflect even though it means […]

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