A Tale of Two Britney Concerts

In an epic tale of Dickensque proportions, I’ll here outlay my experiences of two Britney concerts… Ok, in the remainder, I’ll try being less smug… 😉

Yesterday, I went to Britney’s concert in Ahoy, Rotterdam.  In many ways, that concert perfectly complemented the concert in Herning nine days prior.

In Herning the backstage experience was king.  I got the stories for the first time, and tidbits like watching the dancers rehearse, getting a private concert with Destinee and Paris, and meeting half of Britney’s band and her father.  All topped off with a meet and greet with the femme fatale herself.  Awesome tour, awesome experience.  The concert itself was awesome and I especially enjoyed the finale.  However, instead of getting tickets to the floor, we got (very good) seats.  Useful, as we had to leave an hour before the concert for the meet and greet.  Not so good for a real concert experience though.

In Rotterdam, it was exactly the opposite.  The backstage tour was ok (and one of the hostesses of the backstage tour recognized me ;-)); I’d heard most of the tales and jokes before, but more importantly, it didn’t include any of the really cool tidbits mentioned above.  All in all: good but not excellent, and a bit of a let-down compared to the concert past.  I anticipated that and accepted that.  The concert itself, however, was a blast!  Instead of good seats, we got standing tickets for the golden circle/pit/front part of the standing area with early access before the doors opened for the general public.  I did not get a front-center position, but the girl standing to my left did, so I was in the 2nd best spot in the entire venue.  Let’s compare my spot in Herning to the one in Rotterdam:

This was during Big Fat Bass.  Granted, in Herning (top), I could see the entire stage, but in Rotterdam (bottom) I could see Britney.  This comparison doesn’t even give an impression of how close I was, as Britney is sitting at the back of the stage.  Here’s some comparison shots during If U Seek Amy:

Again, the latter is maybe a britnillion ((A britnillion is at the same time the biggest number in the world and number one!)) times more fun that the top one.  And the top one was pretty good.

I think the best part was looking at the facial expressions of everybody involved.  Brit and the dancers just looked like they had so much fun:

There was also a completely different feeling at the front.  During I Wanna Go, the golden circle went wild (and I even got filmed and put on the big screen while dancing 😉 — though, I wasn’t among the lucky who went on stage with Britney).

At the end, here’s a quick shot of Britney at the front of the stage during the finale and Till the World Ends.  I did not get to meet Britney in person this time, but the seeing the concert and the life on stage was almost as good!

In conclusion, there was no best concert, and the two complemented each other perfectly.  Now, I wanna go to Montpellier to rewatch the entire show 🙂

I have heaps of more pictures and I’ll upload them once I get them sorted.  I somehow managed to shoot something like 450 pictures during the concert.  Note, none of the pictures above have been artificially altered, click on them to seem them in their full, un-zoomed glory!

3 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Britney Concerts

  1. Hi Michael!

    Great pictures!!! Must be britastic to be so close to your idol twice!!!
    I hope you manage to stay on your pink cloud (bCloud?) for a while 🙂

    – Joos

    1. Thanks. Yeah, it was amazing. Even closer than last tour, which was also pretty swell!

      I anticipate, I won’t get down for a week or two (more if I finally decide to see the show in UK as well… ;-))

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