Decisions and Tables

I have written a bit about how I wanted to do reporting in the MBT Workbench.  The idea was simple: just extract all the results, dump them into a database, and use an approach similar to what we did back in the days using ASAP: generate a report using an off-the-shelf business-intelligence suite, here JasperReports. […]

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Too much?

Too much? On the one hand, there’s no such thing, but on the other hand, setting fire to Britney is heresy. The fire, bad as it is looking, of course is animated. I cannot believe I spent valuable PhD research time implementing animated flames hugging an arbitrary image, but there you go (also, I totally […]

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Using Process Mining and Archetypes in Model-based Testing

 In this post, I outline some loose ideas I have for improving what is already in the MBT workbench.  These features do not attempt to broaden the scope of the tool to new domains, but instead to pull in more cool methods from academia to aid in test-driven development and business-driven development. […]

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