How to Lie With Pretty Figures

This video has been making its rounds a year ago or so.  Now it’s getting its second wind.  It seems horrible (if you’re a socialist), but let’s endeavor my favorite hobby: fact-checking: The video shows some charts, first how people think wealth is distributed, how they think it should be distributed and how it is […]

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A larger international company (which shall remain nameless to protect the guilty) forced me to register when I wanted to download their product, VMWare Player.  I’m already registered with them (like 5 times) but incessantly forget my password, and needed to reset it (for like the umpteenth time).  I entered my standard, low-security password, and […]

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Wait, huh…?

This morning, we could read in the papers that Helle Thorning, the threat to decency and second in command of the red faction in Denmark (next only to foreman Villy), was happy that the red-green chamber of horrors had won the election in Norway.  This evening, we can then read that they didn’t.  Actually the […]

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