I Vote Against!

Nobody wants to hear more about it!  It’s polluting the news worse than any soviet mid-70s coal power plant could ever pollute the air.  I’m, of course talking about the climate conference (yeah, not gonna dignify them by a link) thats causing criminality to go unpunished in the civilized parts of Denmark thanks to all […]

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CO2 is the Food of Trees! Why Do You Hate Trees?

I just read that the Danish Nationalist Party suggests we give more money to Bjørn Lomborg. This made me happy. Bjørn Lomborg is known for suggesting that just throwing money at the environmental problems with no regard for how we spend the money may not be right.

A lot of arguments these days come from people who does not understand the difference between correlation and causality. The CO2 argument is one of those. We notice that temperature has risen. At the same time (or a decade or so displaces, depending on who you ask) CO2 in the atmosphere has risen. This is correlation: knowing the value of one of the phenomena, allows us to predict the value of the other. […]

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