Bitcoin mining causes of as much CO2 as Fiji

Funny fact: last year, Bitcoin mining caused emission of as much CO2 as Fiji. That’s right, some John Galt fantasy money pollutes as much as a country that looks like this. If we had to pick just one, I’d also totally go with the Ron Paul wet dream. […]

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Dear Paypal…

Dear online services everywhere (in particular PayPal), You do not increase security by asking browser not to remember passwords. You decrease security. The consequence is that either I defect to another service, or I go with the equivalent of “password123” on your site. Allowing my browser to remember the password increases security, because then I […]

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Pouring Turpentine Down the Toilet is Optional

I’m against Earth Hour.  A lot.  It s a ridiculous idea that switching off the light causes any effect.  At best it is useless and at worst it destroys power plants.  Consuming energy is no problem.  Consuming energy from non-renewable sources is.  We should therefore switch to nuclear power as soon as possible. I wrote […]

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User-interface… from SWEDEN!

Dear Microsoft, whoever told you, this would be a clever user-interface design failed you!  Why are you hiding the interesting part of the name from me?  Why do I have to manually enlarge the Type column every B-dammit time just to see the part of the name, I want? For this abomination, I give you […]

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WTF is wrong with NRGi (my electricity provider).  Did they just get a truckload of electronical transactions with a best before data in a week?  Why, og why, would anybody even consider making a DKK 0,00 transaction?  Who approved the system that thinks this is a good idea? The positive and negative transactions sort of […]

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